A  local firm dedicated to providing simple tailored answers and solutions to meet  our customer's needs at competive prices.  We can do this by providing dedicated local resources with the knowledge and real business experience.  More...

Web Hosting

While other companies are subcontracting web hosting with cut rate services and hardware, we maintain our own hardware that is located at our facilities.  This gives us great control of what and when things happen to support, upgrade, and scheduled downtime.  This also gives us an added advantage to give our customers fast support and added features if required without the dependance of  3rd party support system.  More...
Business Focus

We have changed our business focus from custom computer and software sales to a dedicated web company.  To meet this new business focus we have purchased new servers dedicated to web hosting, email, and database services.  We have also maintained a 99.9% SLA for our DNS services and servers, and will be obtaining more dedicated lines for 99.9% SLA for connectivity.  Also with this change we are focusing on web layout and print.

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