Web Hosing Acceptable Use Policy

You are ultimately responsible for any and all activity that originates from your Internet circuit regardless of your knowledge of such activity. This includes but is not limited to activity by other household members, friends and guests. This also applies to security breaches of your own system by others who launch attacks from your machine. It is absolutely imperative that everyone with an Internet connection takes proper precautions to ensure the security of their machine. You are liable and accountable for any activity originating from any of your KHS.DBA account services that are deemed to be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

KHS.DBA vigorously pursues all instances of abuse. If you feel you have been attacked or spammed, please notify KHS.DBA's Abuse Department and appropriate action can be taken.

In the event of activity which could be considered deliberately or otherwise abusive or in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, KHS.DBA reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your account and all KHS.DBA-provided services immediately, without advanced notice. KHS.DBA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make a determination of what constitutes abuse and you agree that KHS.DBA's determination is final and binding on you.

The following activities are considered in violation of KHS.DBA's Acceptable Use Policy:

Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

KHS.DBA respects the intellectual property rights granted under the US copyright laws and the interests of subscribers and content providers on the Internet. You may not store material on, or transmit material over,KHS.DBA's information systems or servers in any manner that infringes the intellectual property rights of any entity or individual. All notices received by KHS.DBA indicating any activity suspected to infringe upon third party intellectual property rights will be re-routed to the primary account holder on file, accompanied by a request to verify and possibly cease and desist. KHS.DBA's policy of service suspension or termination of members deemed to infringing the intellectual property rights of a third party is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") as well as US copyright law.

Denial of Service

The use of your connection to facilitate any activity that deliberately impairs another entity, individual or machine from accessing their computer or Internet connection is in violation.


Any member accessing or attempting to access the machines or accounts of others or any other attempts to breach the security of other systems, regardless of success or failure, is in violation. This also applies to unauthorized mail or web relay/proxy access attempts and port scans.

E-Mail Spam

Transmission of unsolicited e-mail from anywhere within our network, distributing unsolicited, commercial, email which advertises any portion of KHS.DBA's network, IP or domain space, hosting content for the purpose of spamming (such as bulk e-mail distribution lists) or providing support services (such as DNS) for anyone intending to conduct such activity is in violation.

Newsgroup Spam

Posting of messages to newsgroups that are off-topic or mass posting of messages to news groups is in violation.

Dissemination of Viruses

Intentional release of malicious software that is an attempt to cause damage or harassment to persons and/or machines is in violation. Additionally, repeated demonstrated neglect of equipment on the network which causes malicious traffic or allows unsolicited emails to be sent to other customers or third parties is in violation.

Personnel Abuse

Personal threats, sexual harassment, profanity and vulgarities of any sort directed toward KHS.DBA personnel are considered in violation and will not be tolerated.